A retriever’s purpose…

Fetch and carry: a treatise on retrieving

By Bernard Waters


This book written just before the turn of the 20th century, is largely about how to train and hunt with a retrieving dog. The Chesapeake Bay dog that is illustrated looks very “setterish” to me . It also shows a prized black retriever that looks like it has a bit of white on it’s chest if you look closely.

chesie royal-luck


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4 Responses to A retriever’s purpose…

  1. M.R.S. says:

    I’m guessing there’s a typo here, and the photo captions were reversed. The lower dog is pretty clearly the Chesapeake, a dark brown one. And the other, as you speculate, a setter, retrieving a woodcock. That one could also possibly be a spaniel. Both are good-looking dogs.

    • Jan says:

      If it is a typo, the typo was made in 1895… I didn’t think either looked like a Chesapeake Retriever. I don’t think either looks like a spaniel.. I think the one looks like a setter and “Royal Luck” like todays retriever type… It says Chesapeake dog so I don’t think it is referring to the Chesapeake retriever.

      • M.R.S. says:

        Hey, typos and misplacements happened back then too! Very easy to drop a slug (line of type) into the wrong slot on the page form.
        Before AKC formalized the name of the breed in 1918, the Chessie went by various names– Chesapeake Bay Ducking Dog was one, and even just “Bay Dog” The first club for the breed was founded around 1890, the Baltimore Chesapeake Bay Dog Club. The American Chesapeake Club, AKC Parent Club for the breed, came years later. Yup, just “American Chesapeake Club”.

  2. Jan says:

    Oh, yes. Typos were and still are made. ..So I had to look at some more old Chessie photos…

    None of them seem as dark as the darker one here… I took it into Photoshop because sometime it helps me to determine the photo’s real attributes… I think this dog was pretty black. Were Chessies sometimes black?

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