History is as good as what is recorded….


There is no mention of the Tweed Water Spaniel in the Guisachan  stud book. There is a note on the cover page that was later added that reads: Tweed over the words Water Spaniel.

When you read the description of the Tweed Water Spaniel that hunted along the Tweed River, the assumption that there was Tweed Water Spaniel within the breed, is a good suspicion. It is not, however, written in the stud book. Ladykirk bred gift from D. Robertson does not translate to Tweed Water Spaniel. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could find records for Ladykirk’s dogs. That would most definitely clear up the matter very nicely.

Elma Stonex believed so firmly that Belle was a Tweed Water Spaniel that she wrote that she was listed that way in the stud book. Belle simply was not listed as anything other than a retriever. I have looked through the pages up and down and she most definitely was not classified as a Tweed Water Spaniel. I think that Elma Stonex was verbally told this and saw the note and so believed. It is not a bad belief but someone needs to set the record straight about the stud book. Otherwise it all becomes propaganda. We do not want that. Verbal historical record is very valuable and it should be recorded that way. Altering historical artifacts is not the way to go.

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