I’m a Golden retriever obsessed fan who likes to explore the history of the breed. The breed is not very old but there are s0me mysteries about the breed and that is what makes it so interesting. One big mystery is regarding Belle since she was supposed to be a Tweed Water Spaniel. After much reading, at this point in time I feel that she was a water spaniel from the Tweed River area. What did she look like? That is an utter and complete mystery to me at this point in time.

I am just collecting information and posting it in this one area so that I can review and learn. Also so that I can ask other people who have this interest in common questions. I am a fan of the Retrieverman blog but this is completely separate. I am just keeping this to Golden retriever related information and hoping that once I collect a mass of information, there will be a better picture for me to view of the breed. Since dogs are domesticated creatures and do not freely propagate their species, it is important for people to step back and constantly review. This is a review source.



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  1. jason kutasi says:

    Good evening,

    Doesn’t that just always sound so formal? “Good morning” just doesn’t have the same formality : )

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    Anyways, let me know what you think, and we appreciate your help on any level.

    Best regards,


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