Links to References

Here are links to the referenced articles found in this blog:

The dog, in health and disease, by Stonehenge By John Henry Walsh

“The dog in health and in disease: including his origin, history, varieties …” By Wesley Mills

“Dog breaking: the most expeditious, certain, and easy method, whether great…” By William Nelson Hutchinson

The Dogs Of Great Britain, America, And Other Countries. Their Breeding, Training, and Management in Health and Disease“, by John Henry Walsh (Stonehenge)

The dogs of the British Islands: being a series of articles on the points of … By John Henry Walsh

“The Encyclopaedia of sport, Volume 1″ edited by Henry Charles Howard Suffolk and Berkshire (Earl of), Hedley Peek, Frederick George Aflalo

The dog in health and in disease: including his origin, history, varieties … By Wesley Mills

“Of Englishe dogges: the diuersities, the names, the natures, and the properties” By John Caius

Dog stories and dog lore: experiences of two boys in rearing and training … By Thomas Wallace Knox

My dog and I: being a concise treatise of the various breeds of dogs, their … By Harry Woodworth Huntington

The Dog Book: A Popular History of the Dog, with Practical Information as to Care and Management of House, Kennel, and Exhibition Dogs; and Descriptions of All the Important James Watson – Published in 1906 Doubleday, Page & Company

The Dog in Health and Disease by John Henry Walsh London 1879

‘Highland Pets,’ another commission from Sir Dudley C. Marjoribanks – 1863 – The Art-Journal – London 1871

The following is an excerpt from: “Letters to young shooters (second series): on the production, preservation …” By Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey

COUNTRY LIFE IN AMERICA – Volume XXIX—November, 1915, to April, 1916 

The Encyclopaedia of sport & games, Volume 2 – edited by THE EARL OF SUFFOLK AND BERKSHIRE 1911

Pheasants: their natural history and practical management By William Bernhard Tegetmeier

Retrievers and retrieving … By W. G. Eley 1905

Darwinism refuted: An essay on Mr. Darwin’s theory of “The descent of man.” –By Sidney Herbert Laing – 1871


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